Pre-Weathered Zinc Sheet and Zinc Shingles by elZinc

A stunning new pre-weathered range of coloured zinc. elZinc Rainbow® is a smooth rolled titanium zinc which meets the European standard EN988, manufactured from elZinc Slate® by applying mineral pigments. The 35μm organic coating provides additional anti-corrosion protection.

The attractive, natural and warm tones of elZinc Rainbow give it great aesthetic value for both interior and exterior applications. Each shade in the range lends its own personality to a project, fitting in perfectly with its surroundings.

elZinc shingles combine the extraordinary properties of zinc along with designs that enable an easy installation and efficient response to different architectural, traditional and contemporary demands.

elZinc has also developed elZinc Advance to provide additional protection to roofs and facades. Specifically designed to be used in marine environments, elZinc Slate Advance has a protective coating which provides a barrier to salt damage and allows the salt to be washed off so it cannot eat into the metal.. elZinc Advance broadens the technical potential of zinc whilst leaving its appearance unaltered. This technology is available over the whole elZinc pre-weathered zinc range.


elZinc zinc offers many benefits including:
• Stunning range of colours
• Extremely cost effective
• All the performance qualities of titanium zinc
• Also available in shingles
• elZinc Advance suitable for highly polluted and coastal areas


Beautiful, smooth rolled titanium zinc that over the course of time develops a unique charm by the progressive patination of roof and façade cladding.

elZinc Rainbow

elZinc Rainbow BlueBlue

elZinc Rainbow GreenGreen

elZinc Rainbow RedRed

elZinc Rainbow BrownBrown

elZinc Rainbow GoldGold

elZinc Shingles


elZinc Advance

elzinc_slate 150Slate

elZinc-Crystal_Muestra 150Crystal

elzinc_graphite 150Graphite

elZinc-Lava--e1495192038806 150Crystal

elZinc-Oliva-e1495118759495 150Olivia


elZinc Rainbow Range DatasheetRainbow Range Datasheet

elZinc Prefabricated Zinc ShingleselZinc Prefabricated Zinc Shingles

elZinc AdvanceelZinc Advance Datasheet


Case Studies

Download The Alchemist Salford Quays case studyelZinc Rainbow Gold – The Alchemist, Salford Quays

Download VITA Student Accommodation case studyelZinc Slate Shingles – VITA Student Accommodation

eDownload Coast Bournemouth Case StudylZinc Slate Advance – Coast Bournemouth

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