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Sample packs of NedZink’s Naturel, Nova and Noir zinc finishes are now available to specifiers and contractors from SIG Zinc & Copper. The packs are designed to highlight top quality ranges made to EN 988 that are exclusive to the SIG national supply chain. They are suitable for roofing and facade applications, gutters, rainwater and drainage elements.

We also have a range of samples of Rainbow Pigmented Pre-Weathered Zinc Sheet by elZinc in Blue, Green Red, Brown and Gold.

Please fill in the form below to request a pack of samples.

Please note, samples are not available for small projects (e.g. Under 40m2). If you have a smaller project please contact us using our standard contact form for more information.

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 Zinc Natural
 Zinc Nova (pre-weathered)
 Zinc Noir
 Zinc Blue
 Zinc Green
 Zinc Red
 Zinc Brown
 Zinc Gold
 Zinc Graphite
 Zinc Slate
 Copper Classic
 Copper Oxid
 Copper Patina
 Copper Brass
 Copper Bronze
 Copper Gold
 Stainless Steel
 Mazzonetto Range (Aluminium)

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