Tin Plated Stainless Steel by Aperam

UGINOX Patina K44 is a tin coated ferritic Stainless Steel with an electro-tinned coating on both sides. The surface weathers over time, imparting a changing character and a matt grey finish that are highly prized for roofing. The tin tones down replacing the stainless steel’s natural lustre, enabling it to blend into all environments, while retaining the durability and stainless properties. 

Uginox Stainless Steel is also available in a wide range of finishes; Top, Bright and Sand


Stainless Steel offers many benefits including:
• Long life product suitable for whole-life cycle of the building
• Stainless Steel is infinitely recyclable
• Suitable for roofing, façade and interior use
• A lightweight product which offers a reduction in material and lower cost m2.


Uginox TopUginox Top*

A permanent and durable matt finish from installation. Uginox Top blends into all types of environment, rural and urban, traditional or modern, and is suited to all styles of architecture.


Uginox BrightUginox Bright*

A particularly bright and uniform smooth surface. Low roughness surfaces are particularly resistant to corrosion.



Uginox SandUginox Sand*

Sand blasted finish.



*Austentic Grades are used in Top and Sand. Bright is available in both austenitic and ferritic.


Download Uginox The Advantages of Stainless Steel in Roofing The Advantages of Stainless Steel in Roofing

Download Uginox Top Datasheet Uginox Patina Datasheet

Download Uginox Top Datasheet Uginox Top Datasheet

Download Uginox Bright Datasheet  Uginox Bright Datasheet

Download Uginox Sand Datasheet Uginox Sand Datasheet


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