Zinc, Copper, Aluminium and Stainless Steel roofing and cladding

See all our current standard Zinc, Copper and Stainless Steel roofing and cladding products for you to view in one place. Click on the links and images to find out more. Please note that bespoke and specialist applications are also available; contact us with your requirements for more details.

Available in Natural, Grey and Black, also with Polymer coating for warm roof constructions and cladding (NOVA Pro-Tec). READ MORE ABOUT THESE PRODUCTS

Natural Zinc Sheet (NATUREL)

PageLines- naturel_0.jpgNatural Zinc Sheet (NATUREL)Natural Zinc Sheet (NATUREL) Titanium zinc that weathers over the course of time to develop a unique charm.

Pre-Weathered Grey (NOVA)

novaPre-Weathered Grey (NOVA)Pre-Weathered Grey (NOVA) A pre-patination process gives a fully natural colour on installation.

Pre-Weathered Black (NOIR)

Pre-Weathered BlackNoirPre-Weathered Black A beautiful, uniform black surface finish zinc.

Patterned Matt Grey (NOVA STRUCTURE)

Patterned Matt GreyPatterned Matt Grey (NOVA STRUCTURE)Patterned Matt Grey (NOVA STRUCTURE) NedZink NOVA with a variety of roller-applied textures.

Pre-Weathered Grey with protective coating (NOVA Pro-Tec)

Pre-Weathered Grey with protective coating Pre-Weathered Grey with protective coating (NOVA Pro-Tec)Pre-Weathered Grey with protective coating (NOVA Pro-Tec) Suitable for unventilated or warm roof applications.

Pre-Weathered Grey Composite Panels (NOVA COMPOSITE)

NOVA Composite panelPre-Weathered Grey Composite Panels (NOVA COMPOSITE)Pre-Weathered Grey Composite Panels (NOVA COMPOSITE) Cladding panel with two layers of pre-weathered zinc and a LDPE core.
elZinc Rainbow® – a beautiful range of pre-weathered titanium zinc in rainbow colours. READ MORE ABOUT THESE PRODUCTS


elZinc Rainbow BlueBlueBlue


elZinc Rainbow Greenproduct_box_2product_box_1


elZinc Rainbow RedRedRed


elZinc Rainbow BrownBrownBrown


elZinc Rainbow Goldproduct_box_2


Shingles These zinc products are also available in four shingle shapes.
A stunning range of copper allow finishes with interesting weathering characteristics. READ MORE ABOUT THESE PRODUCTS

Bright Copper (TECU Classic)

Bright CopperBright CopperBright copperNaturally weathers through matt dark brown to green over time.

Pre-oxidised (TECU Oxid)

Pre-oxidisedPre-oxidisedPre-oxidisedWith a pre-oxidised layer, to skip the bright phase to start off darker, then weather naturally.

Bronze (TECU Bronze)

BronzeBronzeBronzeMore consistent initial weathering, the best choice for a lasting brown copper façade.

Blue-Green copper (TECU Patina)

Blue-Green CopperBlue-Green CopperBlue-Green CopperPre-weathered copper green that develops over time.

Golden to Warm Brown (TECU Brass)

BrassBrassBrassStarts golden, and weathers through various shades to establish a warm brown.

Gold (TECU Gold)

GoldGoldGoldStarts off as shiny gold and mellows over time to warm golden hues.
Well established on the European mainland, Mazzonetto’s Vestis K2 pre-painted aluminium roofing strips are now available exclusively in the UK through SIG Zinc and Copper. READ MORE ABOUT THESE PRODUCTS

Copper Effect (Copper Roof)

mazonetto_vestis_copper_roof_colour120Mazzonetto_Vestis_Copper_Roof_025Mazzonetto_Vestis_Copper_Roof_011Similar to lightly pre-weathered copper.

Verdigris (Green Roof)

mazonetto vestis green roof colourVLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100LAST 16 PHOENIX 1Similar to a verdigris / Patina copper finish.

Light Grey Metal Effect (Grey Roof)

mazonetto vestis aluminium grey roof colourMazzonetto_Vestis_Grey_Roof_001 Mazzonetto_Vestis_Grey_Roof_002Similar to a dulled zinc / aluminium finish.

RAL 7037

mazonetto vestis aluminium ral7037 roof colourMazzonnetto_Vestis_RAL_7037_MattGreyMazzonetto_Vestis_RAL_7037_Matt_Grey_004 A mid grey matt finish.

RAL 7016

mazonetto_vestis_aluminium_RAL7016_roof_colour120Anthracite Grey finish.

RAL 9006

mazonetto_vestis_aluminium_RAL9006_roof_colour120A light grey matt finish.

RAL 9002

mazonetto_vestis_aluminium_RAL9002_roof_colour120A pale grey matt finish available in H41 thickness (0.7mm).

Dark Brown Finish (Testa Di Moro)

mazonetto_vestis_aluminium_testadimoro_colour120Dark Brown matt finish.

Smooth Black Finish (Graphite Black)

mazonetto_vestis_aluminium_graphite_black_roof_colour120Mazzonetto_Vestis_Graphite_Black_010Mazzonetto_Vestis_Graphite_Black_002A cost efficient solution for matt black cladding.
The tin tones down the stainless steel’s natural lustre, enabling it to blend into all environments, while retaining its stainless properties. READ MORE ABOUT THESE PRODUCTS

Uginox Top

Uginox TopUginox-TopUginox TopA permanent and durable matt finish.

Uginox Bright

Uginox BrightUginox BrightUginox BrightA particularly bright and uniformly smooth surface.

Uginox Sand

Uginox SandA sand blasted finish.
All the above finishes are also available in Proteus HR rainscreen cladding. This aluminium honeycomb cladding system produces beautifully flat, crisp rain screen facades. READ MORE ABOUT THESE PRODUCTS

Proteus Rainscreen Cladding

Proteus Rainscreen CladdingProteus Rainscreen Cladding