The Perfect Roof

The roof of any building is key to its performance, and not just to keep the rain out. Roofing also needs to provide suitable insulation, deal with acoustic issues, even capture carbon and generate electricity, and all within the regulations, on time and on budget, and with a long, predictable lifespan.

Designing a perfect roof in zinc, copper or stainless steel has never been more challenging, but our sister company SIG Design & Technology have put together an 8 step guide to identify the challenges and ensure your design meets your clients requirements.

Whether you’re designing a new roof or dealing with an existing one, the same principles apply, and we can help you on your journey.

Here are our 8 Steps to the Perfect Roof. Visit our interactive guide to find out why they matter and how you can tick them off your To Do List.

  • Choose the Right Roofing for the Right Job;
  • Get Reliable Design Expertise from One Source;
  • Ensure you meet All the Statutory Requirements;
  • Be confident in Reliability of your Supply Chain;
  • Use Reliable, Experience Roofing Contractors;
  • Monitor the Roofing Installation on Site;
  • Ensure each roof is Fully Guaranteed, and
  • Implement Appropriate Planned Maintenance.

Find out more on our dedicated pages here or click the infographic.

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