We are delighted to report that the new SIG Zinc and Copper website is live and ready to serve.

The new SIG Zinc and Copper website offers a huge variety of metal roofing and cladding products and simple tools to make sourcing metal roofing and cladding simple and efficient.

New Product Finder for Zinc, Copper and Aluminium

Sourcing Metal Roofing Product Finder

Central to the new website is the new Product Finder which makes the task of selecting the right metal for your project simple and efficient. Simply filter the products by colour, format, manufacturer or material and see at a glance what is available.

As an independent supplier of roofing and cladding systems, SIG Zinc and Copper are able to offer products from five different manufacturers in an astonishing 93 different colours and finishes.

For example, we now offer eleven different green roofing and cladding products. From pre-patinated Copper from KME and Rainbow Zinc from elZinc to a range of different aluminium products from Mazzonetto and Prefa, all at your fingertips. Choose from the pale pastel turquoise or opal green aluminium to rich dark elZinc Rainbow Green and all the shades in between.

Sourcing Metal Roofing - Product Finder (green)

But it doesn’t stop at green. The product selector allows you to look at eleven different colourways or pick out a particular material or manufacturer:

Sourcing Metal Roofing Colours Examples

Take a look and let us know what you think.


New Aluminium Roofing and Cladding Products by Prefa

The new SIG Zinc and Copper website features a broad range of aluminium roofing and cladding from the Austrian manufacturer Prefa, who have been developing and producing aluminium roofing and façade systems for over 70 years.

Prefa aluminium systems

Prefa’s Prefalz® and Falzonal® coated aluminium strips are available in a huge range of colours, have a long in-service life and are fully recyclable. Also available in shingles, Prefalz® and Falzonal® are available with a comprehensive set of system accessories.

The website also includes refreshed product pages, a new downloads section where you can see all our downloads in one place, and a new gallery section where you can download photographs of the products in use, for presentation purposes.

Need Advice?

Choosing the right metal for your project can be a challenge, but independent specialists from SIG Zinc and Copper are on hand to help you make the correct choice for your client and their budget. We’ve worked with a range of different manufacturers and products, so we can help you make an informed choice. We also offer design advice for your projects at no additional cost to you.

Teaming up with market leading manufacturers including elZinc, NedZink, KME TECU, Mazzonetto and Prefa as well as a national supply chain enables us to offer a complete and impartial design advice and supply service for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Key services include:

  • Fully conversant technical team;
  • Advise on structural design;
  • Fabrication of bespoke designs;
  • Confidence in material supply;
  • Relationship with and understanding of market leading manufacturers;
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance and full system warranties.

If you think we could help with your metals project, just drop us a line.

Visit the new SIG Zinc and Copper website now and find the right metals for your project.

About the author – SIG Zinc and Copper Team

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