Amphibious House ©TimCrocker ©Baca Architects used with permission

One of the most innovative private houses to be completed recently in the UK is this amphibious house, featured twice on Channel 4’s Grand Designs. We spoke to Robert Barker of Baca Architects about how the project came about, and why they chose to use zinc shingles to clad it.

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The Amphibious House – What is it?

In this case study we describe the process by which Baca Architects ended up building an amphibious house, a house that rises and falls with flood water, on an island in the Thames in Buckinghamshire. We describe the benefits of the amphibious approach, and how it enables Baca to follow their practice principle to “build to reduce flood risk”.

Why use Zinc and Why Zinc Shingles?

The walls and roof of the amphibious house are clad in square NedZink NOVA shingles, laid at 45 degrees. Barker explains what is so special about zinc in a riverside setting, the benefits of using shingles, and the challenges of constructing a house on an island without vehicular access.

Choosing NedZink and SIG Zinc and Copper

The case study also looks at how Baca came to choose NedZink NOVA for the project, including their thoughts about the natural colour of the material and the technical support offer SIG Zinc and Copper provided. Barker also explains some of the technical challenges of cladding the amphibious house and how they were overcome.

Installation of Zinc Shingles – Advice for Architects

The shingles were fabricated off site and installed by Kingsley Specialist Roofing. In the case study we discuss the process of installation and how important good relationships with your suppliers and installers are to the ultimate success of a project.

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Amphibous House Zinc Shingles Case Study



[Image: Amphibious House © Baca Architects ©TimCrocker used with permission]

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